Local government plays an important role in providing informatiosn and services that enhance the local business environment. But many local autorities are unable or hesitant to assume this role. The LoG-IN project aims to turn local authorities into stronger players in the local economyby providing them with innovative tools and strategies.

While individual services are developing ICT e-Government solutions to meet the needs of businesses, these are done on an authority by authority, service by service basis. The innovative natureof LoG-IN lies in developing common standards for both service delivery and the ICT solutions that underpin them. This will mean that businesses will get similar quality experience in each area. It also gives the opportunity for authorities to work toogether affectively to provide joined up planning and solutions.


LoG-IN has the following goals

  • providing ICT solutions for Stakeholder partnerships to optimise support services
  • improving information exchange between local government and regional or national government
  • improving information exchange and relations between local government and local businesses
  • sharing IT services for economies of scale by developing common standards for both service delivery and the OCT solutions that underpin them: better for local authorities and better for buisness.

This is done by building shared services, adopting international standards, improving procedures, rethinking fornt-offices, maximising economies of scale and bridging gaps between systems, governments, people and ideas. The project managed to change mindsets of civil servants, convince politicians to define a vision on service-delivery to citizens and businesses and to jointly develop a shared infrastructure that allows local government to publish geodata online.

General information

Web: www.login-project.net

Lead partner: Intercommunale Leiedal

Contact: Filip Meuris - egovernment@leiedal.be
President Kennedypark 10, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

Project duration: Februari 2004 until November 2007

The project is part-finaced by the European Interreg 111B North Sea programme. The LoG-IN project has partners from Germany( Landkreis Rotenburg-Wümme), UK (Norfolk County Council) ans Belgium (Intercommunale Leiedal). It also received finacnial support of the municipalities of the Kortrijk region, the province of West-Flanders and the Flemish Government.